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Artist Lisa Herschbach

Artist Lisa Herschbach

Lisa Herschbach is an award winning graphic artist and award winning Editorial cartoonist and now she is starting her foray into the world of fine art. Spending most of her life in the woods of Alaska, Lisa has pursued her love of art and has carried that determination with her now that she resides in Maricopa, Arizona. Starting her professional career as a graphic artist she won the Governer's Award for her graphic designs for the scenic highway system in Alaska. Creating a series of signs through out the state depicting not only senic highways but trail heads, bike trails, boating facilities and various other recreational imagery. Governor Walter Hickle insisted meeting Lisa himself due to his admiration of her unique designs.

Next Lisa ventured into the world of Editorial Cartooning and Strip cartooning for her local bi-weekly newspaper in Wasilla, Alaska. Creating the comic strip 'Frost Byte' which lampooned her life in the woods of Alaska, it gained momentum and other publications started to publish the strip. However, it wasn't long before Lisa gained state wide attention for her Editorial Cartooning. Sited by the Alaska State Legislature as being 'politically adept' Lisa soon found herself being published in nine different newspapers through out the state of Alaska, each town with its own issues and own editors to satisfy. She was even asked to 'guest' cartoon for the Anchorage Daily News that already had an Editorial cartoonist on staff.

Her original newspaper's cartoons are now a part of political history as being the only Editorial cartoons to cover the early career of Sarah Palin as Sarah was City Council Member and then Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Lisa was a constant source of agitation and delight as she attacked both sides of the aisle.

Lisa's comic strip also made its splash on the national scene by consistently appearing in an online community run by Warner Bros. Warner Bros. created a special 'room' for Lisa, known in the online world as 'Arctic Frost', which featured Lisa's strip and soon landed her a job working for Warner Bros. This new job took Lisa off her cartooning track as the dot com era flourished and her 'pixel' art was being developed. Lisa was discoved to have a brilliant talent at high level marketing and as Warner Bros.' online community partnered with Intel they swept Lisa up into the corporate world of fortune 500 companies like 3Com, Microsoft, Macromedia, etc. designing much of what is considered 'social media' today.

After the dot come era bubble popped Lisa again found herself turning to her artistic skills, this time turning her attention to the engineering world as a drafter. Companies like Ratheon, the FAA, BLM and the state of Alaska to name a few all using her business' services kept Lisa busy and away from her heart's desire of strictly art for art's sake. Then Lisa was fortunate enough to find a wonderful retirement home in the city of Maricopa, Arizona and it didn't take her long to be captivated by the warmth of the weather and the people of Arizona to become a permanent resident. That's when her husband brought home some Flagstone and Lisa is now launching herself into the world of fine art with a unique new art form.

Lisa calls it 'Flagstone Abstract Art' and is at a time in her life where she has determined she's ready to get back to the business of art with a new business called 'Maricopa Fine Arts'. Spending most of her time in the last year defining the new art form, Lisa found she couldn't keep hold of the pieces due to the desire of friends and family all wanting works of their own. Even the Arizona Capital Museum now displays some of her pieces on their annual Christmas tree. Lisa believes you will be fascinated by this new art form and hopes you may want a piece of your very own.

Flagstone Art - 'Passion' from Maricopa Fine Arts

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